TIP OF THE WEEK – Four Important Tickers to Monitor on a Weekly Basis. They Affect Your Wealth.

Four Important Tickers to Monitor on a Weekly Basis. They Affect Your Wealth.
Jason Brizic
Feb. 11, 2011

Last week’s tip of the week focused on how I like to setup my chart views and indicators on http://www.stockcharts.com . Click on this link to read last week’s tip of the week (http://bit.ly/LastTotW ). This week I would like to offer you my list of favorite tickers that I monitor using StockCharts.com and briefly why. This will save you time looking them up.

S&P 500 index – Use ticker $SPX. This ticker returns the S&P 500 large cap index. It is more representative of the US stock market than the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 stocks. The Dow is abnormally high because AIG was replaced by Kraft Foods. Big losers like AIG don’t fall out of the S&P500 so easily. Consider the S&P 500 to be the market your trying to beat with your high dividend stock portfolio.
http://bit.ly/3yrSP500 Gold – Use ticker $GOLD. This ticker returns the price of gold at the end of the day. Physical gold coins belong in your investment plans as a crisis hedge and non-correlator. Unfortunately you can’t see the intraday price of gold with this one. Use www.kitco.com or symbol GLD on Google Finance or stockcharts.com to see gold’s intraday moves. Remember to multiply GLD’s price times ten to get the price of gold. GLD does have one advantage over the kitco.com spot prices – GLD includes volume info.
http://bit.ly/3yrGold Oil – Use ticker $WTIC. WTIC stands for west Texas intermediate crude otherwise known as light crude oil. We can use oil as a non-correlator in our high dividend stock portfolios. So it is important to know the recent price of oil has been before you purchase any energy related ETFs, oil stocks, or energy related mutual funds. Also, many oil related stocks have high dividends above 6%. You can factor the oil price into your decision to buy high dividend oil stocks.
http://bit.ly/3yrOil Commodities – Use ticker $CCI. The Continuous Commodities Index (CCI) is an index of commodities which is not dominated by oil. It includes other commodities such as grains, meats, tropicals, and metals. For more info on this commodity index please go here: http://www.zealllc.com/2008/commcycl.htm. Commodities are good non-correlators for your portfolio and some of them like copper are leading economic indicators. Price inflation also hits commodities first. It is important to monitor them. The CCI lets you view them as a group.
http://bit.ly/3yrCommodities For more tips, go here:


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