TIP OF THE WEEK – Free Lists of High Dividend Stock, S&P 500, and Commodities ETFs.

Free Lists of High Dividend Stock, S&P 500, and Commodities ETFs.
Jason Brizic
Feb. 18, 2011

You need assets that non-correlate to the stock market. We don’t know what events will occur in the future. We are going to experience either a massive price inflation followed by the Greater Depression at the hands of the Federal Reserve, or we are going to experience a hyperinflation at the hands of the fiscally irresponsible Congress once the Federal Reserve stops buying government treasuries.

Massive price inflation will inflate nominal stock prices. Precious metals and commodities will rise in price before the stock market. Currencies will lose during a time of massive price inflation.

Stock prices, commodities, and precious metals will lose nominal value during a period of depression. Currencies will gain real value during a deflationary depression as the money supply contracts like it did in 1930-1934.

There are many free listings of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs) that you can discover yourself through a quick Google search. But I have found a website that will save you hours by grouping them and providing useful links for further investment research.

High Dividend ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/high-dividend-etfs.html S&P500 ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/s&p-500.html Commodity ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/commodity-etfs.html Oil ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/oil-price-etfs.html Natural Gas: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/natural-gas-etfs.html Sugar: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/sugar-price-etfs.html Wheat: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/wheat-etfs.html Currency ETF list: Asian Currency ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/asian-pacific-currency-etfs.html Japanese Yen ETF list: http://etf.stock-encyclopedia.com/category/japanese-yen-etfs.html For more tips, go here:


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