TIP OF THE WEEK – Get out of debt, save, and start your own business

Get out of debt, save, and start your own business serving unfulfilled customer needs.

Jason Brizic

June 24, 2011

One of your goals should be to insulate yourself from the coming economic calamity that will result from the insane actions of money-printing central bankers and deficit spending politicians.  Starting a side business to provide a second stream of income is a very good idea.  Many millions of people have lost their jobs.  This will continue to occur due to misguided Keynesian economic policies.  But where do you get the capital to start your business?

Savings are crucial to capital formation.  You use your savings to purchase producer’s goods that you will use to produce goods for others to consume.  The classic example is the lemonade stand.  You start with some money you saved.  You use your savings to buy lemons, sugar, ice, a large cooler, cups, some signage, and some wood to build you lemonade stand.  You didn’t need a business loan from a local banker (debt) to start your lemonade stand.  You started small with just a little bit of savings and a little entrepreneurial savvy of where some thirty customers might be located.

The key to savings is getting out of debt first.  Creating and sticking to a budget that includes savings will allow you to build capital in order to pursue some entrepreneurial efforts without quitting your current job. 

You can get out of debt in several years before massive price inflation hits your checkbook and impairs your ability to save.  I suggest you save between 10 – 15% of your pretax income.  Use this money to repay debts.  When the debts are gone you will have the budget and discipline to save 10 – 15% because you just did it while paying down your debts.

Gary North provides a free get out of debt course with specific action steps to follow.  This is similar to what Dave Ramsey teaches, but it is free. http://www.garynorth.com/public/department125.cfm

Invest in value priced high dividend stocks, precious metals, and rental real estate when you need to diversify some of your savings you are earning from your successful side business.

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