Gary North’s Tip of the Week – July 02, 2011 Retirement Planning

I was busy yesterday with the family ahead of the long weekend, so I didn't produce a free tip of the week.  However, my mentor (Gary North) produced one and his is quite good.  It is one retirement planning.  Check it out.  I just did.

Gary North's Tip of the Week – July 02, 2011 Retirement Planning
  I am not a big fan of retirement. I don't want to slow down. I
think there are many ways to stay productive after age 65.

 To be involved in post-retirement volunteer charity work, you
will need retirement income.

  Most Americans are planning to retire. Most do as soon as they
can, at age 62: preliminary Social Security payments. I don't
recommend this.

 If you plan to retire, you had better have a plan to retire.
One site that can help you make accurate calculations is here:


 Because people suspect that the numbers will not add up, they
refuse to go through the exercise. "No news is good news."
Husbands and wives need to look at the numbers, beginning the
week after the honeymoon. (Actually, this should be talked
through before the marriage.)

 I have a forum on my site: Non-Retirement. That gives you my
view on the matter.

Gary "Will Write for Pay" North

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That's it for this week!
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