TIP OF THE WEEK – Create a Stock Market Watchlist

Create a Stock Market Watchlist Using Morningstar.com
July 22, 2011
Jason Brizic
You can use Morningstar.com to create a watchlist for your stocks to buy near the next stock market panic.
After you've researched your first batch of companies (read my articles, the public filings, and visited company Web sites), it's time to set up a watch list. How do you do this? Fortunately, Morningstar offers these services for free:

1. Go to the Morningstar.com and click on the tab labeled "Portfolio."
2. In the Portfolio Manager window, under "Create a Portfolio," click "New Portfolio."
3. You'll see a box labeled "Step 1." It's automatically set up to build a watch list, so click "Continue."
4. Pick a name for your portfolio, or just call it "watch list." Then, plug in the ticker symbols of the companies you want to watch. Click "Done."
5. In the following window, you'll see a list of updates, alerts, and tips that Morningstar will send you daily for the companies in your watch list. Click "Done" again.
6. Now you have a watch list that you can visit anytime by clicking the Portfolio tab on Morningstar.com.

By creating a watch list, you'll be able to keep tabs on company news and easily find stock price information. Among other things, you can set alerts to notify you when a stock price has met or exceeded a particular threshold. Thus, your watch list will eventually become an integral tool in helping you make buy and sell decisions, stay organized, and keep informed.
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