Nigel Farage Nails the Eurocrats for the Disaster They Have Caused. He is the Ron Paul of Europe.

The Eurozone will breakup peacefully or there will be massive strife.  Neither outcome is good for the people who live in the USA, Europe, or Asia.  Nigel Farage is the Ron Paul of Europe.  He has been warning the Eurocrats for years about the disaster they are causing just like Ron Paul has in the USA.

There will be opportunities to buy high dividend stocks with safety of principal near the bear market lows.  The Euro will implode and take markets much lower than they are today.  Don’t believe the hype coming from the Eurocrat’s press releases and summits.  Don’t risk your savings on the ex-communist and present socialist pipedreams of a politically and fiscally unified Europe.

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Be seeing you!

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