The Soveriegn Debt Crisis in Europe and What It Means to Your Investments.

European Union bureaucrats are fessing up that the Greek government still can’t pay its bills.

This news tanked markets in the US.  Anyone who is surprised by this news has not been paying attention to the sovereign debt crisis in Europe.  This crisis is going to get worse when Greece gets bailed out for a second or third time.  Portugal, Italy, and Spain will be back for more bailouts of their own.  Where will the money come from.  The European Central Bank will print Euros.  The money will go to the Northern European banks who will be scared to lend it, so they will buy more bad debt of the PIIGS.

I would stay out of the stock market until this sovereign debt crisis has run its course.  You will know it is over when stock prices drop 40% – 60% from their May 2012 highs of about 13,000 on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Well run companies with fat dividend yields and decent balance sheets like Safe Bulkers (SB) can have their stock price cut from $6.00 per share down to $2.50 per share like in 2008-2009.  Safe Bulkers fell precipitously from its 2008 IPO price of $19.00 per share down to about $2.50 at the height of the financial crisis.


I’m spending my time during the sovereign debt crisis analyzing stocks to find the best ones to buy in the aftermath and at what price.  This crisis will take a long time to unravel.

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